HTC Titan

If you are still using a feature phone, it’s good time that you consider shifting to a smartphone. With the dramatic advancement in the mobile phone technology for the past 20 years, there have been studies conducted that the feature phone would be one of the devices that would be phased out in about 10 years or so. This sort of bold prediction is not surprising considering the growing numbers of smartphone users. Mobile devices are becoming more sophisticated while prices remain competitive because of tough market conditions.


For a few hundred dollars, you can have your own sleek and perfect phone for multitasking through the latest offering of HTC. Bid farewell to your old feature phone and say hello to HTC Titan. If you are only used to basic telephony, text messaging, and low resolution camera, be prepared to enjoy the technology used in innovative smartphones and tablets. If you are already decided to own one of the fastest selling and highly in demand mobile devices for your convenience and enjoyment, you do not have to settle for less.


Design Advantage


One will easily notice the imposing 4.7 inch Super LCD display. Currently, this big screen of the HTC Titan stands out among other Windows Phones. In recent years, screen size becomes one of the crucial selling features of mobile devices. If other mobile phone company says that less than 4 inches of display screen is enough and acceptable for a smartphone, HTC thought otherwise. If the frame and casing dominate the entire look of feature phones, the trend is changing for the smartphone. HTC Titan’s screen and fragile electronic components are protected by an ultra-slim 9.9 mm unibody contoured frame only. If seen from a distance with an idle screen, the Titan resembles a thin metal slab. However, the minimalist design gave the phone a firm and robust body. This slim 9.9 mm casing also houses the 8-megapixel rear camera with autofocus sophistication. With the capability of capturing video at 720p, HD video recording is another exciting extra feature of this smartphone.

To power up the massive display screen, a 1,600mAh battery is used. It is an excellent power cell choice for a cutting edge smartphone.Batterylife can lasts for a whole day with heavy use but about more than 2 days for regular call and text duty. On the other hand, there is a big question why only a single-core 1.5GHz processor was used. Employing the latest Windows Phone version called the Mango, the Titan is considered a high-end windows phone 7.5 that is packed with cool applications.


Hardware and Software


Even if the HTC Titan is facing a tough battle with another smartphone that uses the Windows Phone like the Samsung Focus. Nonetheless, HTC’s new baby has a lot to offer in terms of features and software.

  • It is always more convenient to watch videos, view photographs, and play games on a big screen. Although it does not have the technology found in a 4.3 inch Super Amoled, the LCD panel produces images in vibrant colors wherein blacks are deep blacks and figures are very detailed.
  • The Mango mobile OS software from Microsoft rivals the Android with the multi-tasking feature. With just a tap of the finger, current tasks are showed and opened.
  • Group actions for contacts are possible with the grouping of contacts feature. People from email, phonebook, and social networking sites can be organized in distinct grouping. All the social networking feeds are organized in the People tile.
  • The number of Apps and Games has increased with the expanded Windows Phone Marketplace. There are more than enough choices for HTC Titan users.
  • With Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer web browser, browsing is like viewing every web page from a desktop.
  • The 8-megapixel camera’s BSI sensor ensures that there is no more point and shoot photography. High resolution photographs are guaranteed in any condition.

 A little video review



These fantastic benefits did not come out without any accompanying criticism from every HTC Titan review. On the other hand, industry experts have valid questions about the shortcomings of the HTC Titan. Some of the perceived inadequacies are.

  • Internal storage can not be enhanced because a micro SD card slot is not built into the Titan. Owners are limited to 16GB of memory.
  • In the multi-tasking mode, opening Apps at the background display is like launching it from a cold start with the time it takes to load.
  • Customization by using a personal touch is a feature not encouraged by Windows Phone. The capability of changing color schemes only looks very basic.
  • With the 4.7 inch screen, lack of pixels is noticeable because of the limitation in the resolution. A screen like this looks odd for a smartphone making it hard to use it with one hand.

The Gamble


HTC is truly proud of the Titan marketing it as a smartphone “unlike anything you’ve ever held before” pointing to this handheld phone that is encroaching the tablet computer turf with its screen size. Aside from the screen, the multitasking mode is one of the main thrusts of the new design and enhanced MS operating system.


For following the trend that smartphones are taking, I believe that the HTC Titan is on the right track. By adding a few tweaks, HTC Company was able to launch a high-end Windows Phone 7.5- based unit that is poised to slug it out with market leaders. Nevertheless, compromising internal storage and the processor capacity is a big gamble that could have serious drawbacks.


If you are still thinking twice, just know your preferences in weighing the features that you want in a smartphone.  You may want a screen size that borders to a tablet or a standard size one having high resolution. If you are not storing hundreds of video recording, songs, and photographs, the Titan’s hardware would be enough. Lastly, you must be comfortable with the operating system. If you are used to Microsoft products, the HTC Titan can be your best buddy.